National Director of Real Estate Asset Management Bill Nimmo shares his perspective on the commercial real estate market and outlines key considerations to navigate opportunities in a changing U.S. economy.

Transcript: Commercial Real Estate: Opportunities in 2016 and Beyond

Presenter:  Bill Nimmo, National Director of Real Estate Asset Management, Wells Fargo Private Bank

As we talk to our clients today, we often hear the following two questions:

  • First, “How much will rising interest rates hurt investment opportunities in commercial real estate?”
  • And, second “Are all the good deals gone?”

The simple answer is that we still believe that you can find attractive commercial real estate opportunities, but we do suggest you seek out good advice as the market environment changes.

On the one hand, interest rates are likely to gradually rise in 2016, impacting how attractive one investment is likely to be over the longer-term versus another. On the other hand, job growth, lack of supply in some markets, rent growth, and demographic shifts all bode well for commercial real estate investment opportunities.

For more information, please read our special report by Ryan Urech entitled, “Commercial Real Estate: Opportunities for 2016 and Beyond” or contact a Wells Fargo representative.