2018 Outlook: Moving Ahead in an Aging Recovery - Digital Presentation - Wells Fargo Investment Institute

Looking ahead into 2018, we see a mature U.S. recovery and improved global economies. This is a time when optimism can drive prices ahead of fundamentals, and we believe investors should exercise greater caution. In this “2018 Outlook” digital presentation, Wells Fargo Investment Institute’s strategists address that issue and others such as:

  • The prospects for global economic growth
  • Where to find opportunities in global equities, fixed income, and commodities, as well as the unique role that alternatives can play
  • Five portfolio moves that might benefit investors in the year ahead

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Now may be an excellent time to sit down with your Financial Advisor to determine whether your investments have you on track toward your investment goals. The “2018 Outlook” digital presentation can be a valuable resource to help guide your discussions.