2017 Midyear Outlook. How might investors take advantage of change in the second half? View the digital presentation.

The first half of 2017 was marked by steady global economic growth with low inflation. Judging by history though, the U.S. is past the midpoint of its economic recovery. In addition, forthcoming events such as a change of governors at the Federal Reserve and overseas elections continue to add uncertainty. We believe that successful investors turn uncertainties into opportunities.

In the "2017 Midyear Outlook" digital presentation, Wells Fargo Investment Institute strategists provide their perspectives on stocks, fixed income, and other investments. Key points covered include:

  • Expectations for U.S. and global economic growth
  • Opportunities in equities, fixed income, and commodities
  • The unique role that alternatives can play in qualified portfolios
  • Portfolio recommendations for the rest of 2017