Making sense of today's markets

Market volatility
Let us help you understand what it could mean.

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Asset Allocation Spotlight

Bear market

Wells Fargo Investment Institute outlines the importance of strategic asset allocation in challenging times.

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Bears Come Back Out in Spring

Darrell Cronk

Darrell Cronk writes that he is optimistic for the long term, but calls for clear-eyed realism about the challenges that come with a bear market.

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Chart of the Week: The Perspective of Time

Wells Fargo Investment Institute believes that near-term events shouldn’t be a reason for long-term investors to avoid investing. In the past 55 years, U.S. markets show resilience despite uncertainty.

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4 Reasons for Optimism
March 23, 2020

Darrell Cronk, CIO of Wells Fargo’s Wealth and Investment Management, discusses the resilience of the economy and the country during uncertain times.