The Wells Fargo Private Bank Team Approach

Our team approach is successful because we understand that your financial needs may require specialized knowledge. Your dedicated relationship manager, in partnership with a team of financial professionals, works with you to develop custom financial strategies based on your life — and then puts them into practice.

Your relationship manager and team of dedicated financial professionals are local, so they share the knowledge of your community and can easily meet with you in person.

Find out more about our team approach in the short video below.

Transcript: The Wells Fargo Private Bank Team Approach

[Amrit Walia, Regional Managing Director]

Our team approach is what makes Wells Fargo special. When you meet with a client, your objective is to solve for the different issues that they have. Help them to live a better life.

[Sergio Iacovitti, Wealth Advisor]

By having our team locally, it allows us to be in front of clients more often. We get a lot more face time and one-on-one time with each individual family.

[Nicole Adler, Senior Wealth Planning Strategist]

I want to be in front of clients. I want to work with them to help them discover their goals. I want to bring to them knowledge and resources that make them feel confident about executing on decisions that may be hard for them to deal with.

[Sergio Iacovitti]

You need people that specialize in certain areas, whether it’s trust and estates, financial planning, the tax consequences that they may see, because you can amass this tremendous wealth. And, if you didn’t take correct steps to put certain things in place, a lot of it can disappear.

[Amrit Walia]

The beauty of this organization is that partnering is real; it’s what we do. At the end of the day, we’re all working toward one goal and that is to help the individuals that trust us with their needs, their worries, their goals. It’s powerful.