Meet Our Team: Sam Sugg

Sam Sugg

Sam Sugg

Wealth Advisor in Raleigh, North Carolina

Sam’s view on clarifying goals

All of our clients are unique, and they define success very differently from one another. Client discovery is the key to driving our business so together we can identify and clarify a client’s goals. From there, it’s all about putting the right team around the client.

My observation is that over time, clients begin to shift how they think about their wealth. One of the questions they start to ask themselves is, “what is all of this success for?” They begin to really think about their legacy and what’s most important—whether it be the preservation and transfer of wealth to the next generation, philanthropic wishes, or some combination of the two.  

The thing I really like about our clients is that they’re exceptionally bright. I love to hear their stories and I’m always trying to get better at asking questions and listening to the answers, because only by truly hearing them can we crystallize their goals for them.

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