Transcript: The Gift of Planning

I think it was something always on Paul’s mind. He was the planner. It seemed like we were always planning and saving for something. We were standing out in the yard one day when a bunch of Harleys went by. Paul looked at me and said when I’m through paying these kids’ tuition I’m going to get a Harley. I said by then you’ll be too old, why don’t you just get one now? I knew there was a four-year waiting list, but he fooled me. He got docks that next spring and we went down to buy leathers. Gal came over and she said you know we have a Sportster that matches that. The next thing you know I had a matching bike.

I was at St. Mary’s Hospital in Duluth, Minnesota. I was in my second year of anesthesia training and Paul came up to do his rotating internship. A good friend of mine who married a good friend of his told him he should give me a call and he came up there. He called me the night he got there and six dates later he proposed. He said he knew right away what he wanted, and I thought he was too good to be true, so it worked out.

We started working with Wells Fargo back in 2007. It wasn’t just the money we were investing, it was about us, our personal lives, our children’s, our goals, our hopes and they seemed to take everything into account. I can’t imagine where I would have been without them. You know they even came out for his funeral, a two-hour drive. That’s pretty impressive.

Paul was the planner. I knew nothing about the finances. Had we not gone with them, what would I have done?