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Preparing for college is an exciting time. While prospective students are deciding which university is the best fit, many are figuring out how tuition and other expenses will affect their budget.

Higher education isn’t cheap. Most families don’t have a plan in place to pay for college expenses. When determining how to pay for higher education, everyone could use a few tips, tools, and resources along the way. The Wells Fargo CollegeSTEPS® program provides relevant information for high school and college students, their parents, and school counselors to help them through the college planning process. With financial aid resources, budgeting tools, and tips to get the most out of the college experience, there is information to help at any stage throughout the college journey.

So how does the CollegeSTEPS program work? Let’s take a look at how it helped shape Sarah’s college planning experience. Sarah is a high school senior with a tiptop GPA and stars in her eyes. In the fall, Sarah will be the first person in her family to attend college. Her parents are ecstatic about her potential and the life opportunities that college provides, but they’re nervous about the cost. Mom and Dad, along with Sarah, decide to visit the high school counselor for more information.

Luckily for Mom and Dad, Sarah’s school counselor is more than prepared—having already accessed the information provided by the CollegeSTEPS program. With links to valuable scholarship opportunities, tips on filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and budgeting tips, the school counselor shares this information with Mom, Dad, and Sarah so they have a better understanding of what financial aid is available. Because Sarah’s school counselor signed up for the CollegeSTEPS program, he was kept up-to-date with useful and timely information, helping Sarah and her parents get ready for college.

Following the counselor’s advice, Sarah and her parents also sign up for the CollegeSTEPS program when they got home. After receiving her welcome email, Sarah, the studious type, immediately starts exploring the resources provided in the email. It’s here that she finds the scholarship resources, study tips, personal budgeting instructions, and financing options that she didn’t have before. Determined to minimize the cost while receiving the best education, Sarah now has a better understanding of what it will take to get accepted to and pay for the school of her choice. And with emails written specifically for her year in school, she’ll continue to be informed by CollegeSTEPS throughout her college career. Sarah’s parents, now more confident than ever thanks to the information provided by the school counselor, start to look through their CollegeSTEPS welcome email. Like all good parents, they want Sarah to get a strong education to help her reach her full potential. After learning more about financial aid, understanding additional financing options, and creating a college financing plan, Mom and Dad are fully prepared for Sarah to leave the nest on her big college adventure—at least until laundry day.

Whether you’re a high school student like Sarah preparing for your first college semester or a current college student, the CollegeSTEPS program is tailored to you and your year in school by providing continued support as you navigate through your higher education. For more information and tools to help you prepare and pay for college, and to find out more about the CollegeSTEPS program and Wells Fargo private student loans, visit Wells

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