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Wells Fargo Graduate Student Loans

Find the graduate loan that meets your needs

Wells Fargo private graduate loans make it easy to fund your education.

When you’re considering how to pay for graduate school, Wells Fargo is here to help.  Whether it’s our graduate, medical school or bar exam loans, we understand that financing your graduate school tuition is important for your future.  Learn more about the various Wells Fargo loans that may help you pay for graduate school.

Wells Fargo GraduateSM Loan

For financing graduate school tuition for MBA, law, or other graduate programs. No cosigner required for most students.

Graduate Loan

MedCAP® Alternative Loan for Health Professionals

For financing medical, dental, and most other graduate-level health programs.

Loan for Health Professionals

MedCAP-XTRA® Loan for Financing After School

For financing health-related program relocation, residency, and/or medical boards and clinical exams.


Wells Fargo Bar ExamSM Loan

For financing the costs of bar exam registration, preparatory materials, and associated living expenses.

Bar Exam Loan

More Loan Information

Consolidate Your Loans

Simplify or potentially lower your student loan payments with a new loan at a competitive rate.

Loan Consolidation

Federal Financing

Learn about federal funding options.

About Federal Loans

Responsible Lending

Lending responsibly is important to us.  

Our Student Lending Principles