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How Much Does College Cost? Watch Video for More Information

Most school websites offer a net price calculator that can give you an estimate of your total cost and your financial aid award at a particular school. Actual costs and awards may vary.  For more information, download the attached eBook, Your financial aid journey in 5 steps (PDF).

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Transcript: Educational Financial Services Financial Education Your Financial Journey in 5 Steps Step 2

Oh, hi, Mr. Fellows here once again to guide you on the five step journey to financial aid. Today I'm going to talk about the Net Price Calculator.
Now, you might be saying to yourself...
"But Mr. Fellows, I'm awful at math."
That's okay...the Net Price Calculator is so easy, even Monty here can do it.
Ain't that right, Monty?
Sure is friends!
You'll want to estimate your college's approximate costs by visiting the Net Price Calculator on your school's website.
This fancy tool, just kidding...
This fancy tool will estimate the total costs of college and help you understand what types of financing resources may be available to you.
Now don't be afraid to play around with the variables to see how your total cost of college could change.
For example, look closely at the differences between living on-campus, off-campus, or living at home with your parents. 
And keep in mind, this calculator will only give you an estimate. Your actual costs may vary.
To find this magical calculator,
use the search feature on your college's website and type in: NET...PRICE...CALCULATOR.
Well, that, my friends, just about wraps it up for Step 2. Thank you for watching this video. 
And remember what I always say...with college comes great knowledge.
Take care.
Sorry again.
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