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Smarter CreditTM Press Newsletters

Building a solid credit history takes smarter credit management. Our Smarter Credit Press newsletters offer free information, education, tips and tools to help you use credit responsibly to achieve your financial goals. Past issues explore everything from establishing credit, building credit and better managing credit to understanding your credit report, credit score, and managing debt. Take a look at these valuable newsletters. For more information, visit your local Wells Fargo banker or call 1-866-903-5111.
Smarter Credit Press – Fall, 2012 (PDF)*
Articles: Get your free credit score today; Taking small steps toward big goals; Managing college debt; Getting access to credit at good rates
Smarter Credit Press – Summer, 2012 (PDF)*
Articles: Cash vs. credit – how should you pay?; When it’s time to pay for college; Why your credit report is important; Improving cash flow with good debt management; Relationship can be rewarding
Smarter Credit Press – Fall, 2011 (PDF)*
Articles: If you can’t move, it may make sense to improve; The strategic approach to credit; Teaching kids about credit
Smarter Credit Press – Spring/Summer, 2011 (PDF)*
Articles: Using credit responsibly to reach your goals; Go green and keep more of the green stuff; Getting ready for college
Smarter Credit Press – Fall, 2010 (PDF)*
Articles: How to establish and manage your credit; What your credit report says about you; Teaching kids money values
Smarter Credit Press – Summer 2010 (PDF)*
Articles: Wells Fargo bankers discuss the state of credit in today’s economy; Myth buster – the facts about auto financing; A brief history of home equity accounts; Building on the new credit card laws
Smarter Credit Press – Spring, 2010 (PDF)*
Articles: New credit card reforms benefit consumers; More protection for home loan applicants; When does it make sense to use your home’s equity?; Choosing the right type of credit for each goal
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