Transcript: Introducing Wells Fargo business credit cards with chip-based technology

Wells Fargo Bank is introducing credit cards with chip-based technology. Chip credit card technology is coming to the US, and Wells Fargo wants you to be ready.

Already accepted internationally, these new cards contain an embedded microchip that enhances security, offering increased protection against fraud and counterfeiting. With your chip card from Wells Fargo, you can travel abroad more freely, and make purchases with greater peace of mind.

Using your new card is easy. Unlike magnetic stripe credit cards that you swipe, a credit card with chip-based technology is inserted into the reader and remains there throughout the course of the transaction. The reader will give you any instructions you need, including when to remove your card.

For most transactions you’ll finish with a signature, just like you do today, but you may sometimes need your PIN, especially outside the US.

Your new card will still have a magnetic stripe so you can use it in traditional readers. But when you insert your new, business credit card with chip-based technology, you’ll know your information is better protected.

Once your current Wells Fargo business credit card expires, you’ll automatically receive a new credit card that features chip-based technology. If you don’t want to wait, contact your Wells Fargo Bank representative to order your new, business credit card today.