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June 20, 1860. Wells Fargo demanded exactness when issuing financial documents. In a circular "to our Agents," it advised: "When you send us orders for Bills of Exchange [that is, bank drafts to be paid in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia], it is important that they should be correct in EVERY particular." Type variations added emphasis: "An error of a single letter is a sufficient cause for refusing payment of a draft," the message continued. The Company firmly believed that a married woman was not merely an appendage of her spouse. "It is a very common practice, in ordering drafts for married women, "Wells Fargo noted, "to use the names of their husbands." The Company drew the "SPECIAL attention" of agents to the result: "A case came under our notice lately, in which a draft was protested, in consequence of its having been made payable to 'Mrs. Michael A. Reynolds,' instead of being payable in her own name." To avoid such "serious errors," Wells Fargo concluded, "All drafts should be made payable in the name of the person who is to receive the money."

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