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Retirement Quick View

Saving enough for retirement?

Enter your information below. The boxes and chart to the right will update automatically and show you how long you can expect your savings to last in retirement.

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This calculator is a general financial tool used only for educational purposes and to provide a broad snapshot of your retirement readiness. General assumptions made in the calculations may not apply to your specific situation. No guarantees are made as to the accuracy of any of the projections. For more detailed information that takes into account your individual situation, please consult your tax, legal, or financial advisor.
Assumptions: Retirement needs are based on 80% of your current income adjusted for inflation at 3% annually. The retirement savings amount assumes that the annual contributions, payroll deductions, company matching contributions, and additional savings entered will continue each year until retirement. Increases in employer plan contributions are estimated at 2% annually. If the contribution amount exceeds the maximum allowed, it is assumed that the excess amount is invested in other savings intended for retirement. If the automatic calculation to determine Social Security is chosen, please be aware that your actual benefits will likely differ as Social Security benefits are based on your own wage history. Taxes on income, dividends, and capital gains can vary greatly depending on individual situation. As a result, they are excluded in calculating your retirement needs and savings and assumed to be covered by the 80% income replacement rate.
The calculations made are not guaranteed, and are not projections of actual results. A regular investment program neither provides assurance of making a profit nor guarantees against loss in a declining market. The calculation does not guarantee results under any savings or investing program, and cannot guarantee that you will meet your retirement savings goal.
Investment Products: Not FDIC Insured - No Bank Guarantee - May Lose Value