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Enroll In Your Retirement Plan

Your employer's retirement plan offers you a way to help plan for the future

Enroll in your retirement plan using the option that works best for you.

Easy enrollment

Enroll in your plan using options your employer has pre-selected.

Easy Enrollment

Personalized enrollment

Take a more active role and select from a full menu of plan and investment options.

Personalized Enrollment

To personalize your enrollment, you will need to first register for online account access.

Having trouble registering for online access?

Here are a few things to double check:

1. Do you have another Wells Fargo account (checking, credit card, loan, etc.)?

  • If you don’t have another Wells Fargo account (checking, credit card, loan) please select the box next to I do not have an account, loan, ATM card, or debit card number.
  • If you do have another Wells Fargo account that you haven’t yet accessed online, please enter the account number in the Account, loan, or ATM card, or debit card number box. 
  • If you have other Wells Fargo accounts that you’ve previously accessed online, use the same username and password you created for your other Wells Fargo account(s) to access your retirement plan account.

2. Double check your credit cards. Sometimes retail stores partner with Wells Fargo to offer third-party credit cards that are branded with the retail store’s name. For example, if you have a credit card from a local furniture or electronics store, it may actually be a Wells Fargo credit card. If you have a Wells Fargo third-party credit card, enter the credit card account number in the account number box on the first registration screen.

3. Did your mortgage originate with Wells Fargo? Sometimes, even if Wells Fargo no longer services your mortgage, your account number may remain on Wells Fargo’s systems. You may need to enter your original Wells Fargo loan account number while registering.