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Your Asset Allocation Strategy

Your retirement plan offers a variety of investments to consider. You should consider spreading your contributions among a variety of asset classes, including stocks, bonds, and stable value investments. How do you determine an asset allocation strategy that makes sense for you?

Your timeframe until retirement and your "risk tolerance" (your comfort level with fluctuations in the value of investments) can help you determine how to divide your contributions among the different asset classes. For help in determining your asset allocation strategy, consider taking the Risk Tolerance Quiz.

Diversify your investments

Once you determine your asset allocation strategy, you can make your investment selections. There isn't one right choice for which funds to choose. Therefore, it’s important to diversify, or spread out your investments, across a range of different funds to help even out your performance over time.

There will always be volatility, even in the best circumstances

Historically, the investment markets have experienced both highs and lows. Be careful about overreacting when prices fall. You can lose the opportunity to make gains if values increase when the markets recover. Stay focused on your retirement goals and make decisions based on those goals. Remember, saving for retirement is a marathon and not a sprint.

To learn more

Ready to learn more about the investments offered in your plan? Sign on to your retirement account, and select the Actions & Investments tab, then Research Investments.