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Using Biometrics to Access Your Account

Transcript: Using Biometrics: Account Access Your Way

Using Biometrics:  Account Access Your Way.  [computer generated sound]

When it comes to banking, you want options. Now with biometrics, you can choose the most convenient way to sign onto your account without having to remember your username and password. As one of many layers of security, biometrics use your physical characteristics to let us know that you are you. Using fingerprint authentication, voice verification and Apple Face ID. With multiple sign on options, you can access your account your way. For example, your fingerprint gets you in. The fingerprint authentication feature on our mobile app allows quick and easy access to your accounts without having to type your username and password, and setup is simple. After registering your fingerprint on your device, iPhone users can activate Touch ID from the app’s home screen. Android users can activate this feature from the Settings menu after signing on to the Wells Fargo mobile app. Your voice gets you in. Did you know when calling customer service, you can now repeat a simple phrase for immediate access to your accounts? Voice verification is an advanced technology that identifies you by your vocal characteristics. Just record your voiceprint and you’re ready to go. Don’t wait to start using voice verification. Simply call 1-800-TO-WELLS, 1-800-869-3557, and follow the instructions or ask one of our helpful bankers to set you up.

My voice is my password. Please verify me. [bell dings]

But that’s not all. Your face can also get you in. iPhone 10 users can use Apple Face ID to sign onto the Wells Fargo mobile app with a simple glance. Once you turn on Face ID on your device and register your facial image, activate Face ID from the app’s home screen.

Setting up these sign-on options is quick and easy, and they’re just one of our many layers of security that work together to help safeguard your accounts. Simply call or open the Wells Fargo mobile app to take the next step towards account access your way.