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Benefits of Personal Loans and Lines of Credit

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Need to make a major purchase or take an once-in-a-lifetime trip? Rather than racking up debt on high-interest credit cards or using the equity in your home, you can get the funds you need quickly with a personal line of credit or loan.
Personal line of credit or loan vs. home equity loan
While it’s true that you can benefit from tax advantages when you take out a home equity loan, here are some reasons you might prefer a personal line of credit or loan.
  • Immediate funding
    You can access funds potentially on the same day with a personal credit account.
  • Quick decisions
    Receive an approval decision generally within two business hours.
  • Lower minimum amounts
So if you need a smaller amount, you need it quickly, and you don’t want to use the equity in your home (or you don’t own your home) a personal line of credit or loan may be the best choice for you.

Need cash fast?
Reduce your debt
When you consolidate bills from credit cards or store charge cards into a personal line of credit or loan, you may find it easier and more manageable to reduce your debt.

Rolling all of your bills into a single loan won't immediately reduce your debt, but it may reduce your monthly payments, and having just one bill will make tracking and payments easier. With what you save on interest payments, you can increase your savings or pay down more of the principal balance to see your debt shrink even faster.

You’re in control
Use the funds in your personal line of credit or loan to buy a car, pay for medical expenses, take a trip, replace your washer and dryer, or simply enjoy the reassurance of having a reliable source of cash for emergencies. It's your choice!

You’ll have immediate access to the cash you need whenever and wherever you need it — so you always feel in control of your finances, and prepared for whatever comes along.

Why choose Wells Fargo for your personal line of credit or loan?
Wells Fargo is one of the leading providers of personal credit financing in the United States. We’re not just a bank. We will help you reach your Next Stage® — and make the most of the one you’re in. With more than 160 years of experience and service behind us, Wells Fargo has solutions for all of your financial needs — home equity and mortgage financing, checking and savings accounts, credit cards, insurance, investing and more.

Choose the personal credit account that’s right for you
You can choose from several Wells Fargo personal credit accounts. View our personal credit account options to see which one best fits your needs.
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