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Debt Pay Down Solution®

Call to Apply 1-888-667-5250
Wells Fargo's Debt Pay Down Solution offers a simple way to help you pay down your high-interest debt — faster than you thought you could.
Three Easy Steps to Being Debt-Free Faster: 1. Consolidate Your Debt. 2. Increase "What's Left." 3. Pay Off Your Debt Faster.

Step 1: Consolidate Your Debt

Learn how Wells Fargo can help you consolidate your debt into one manageable loan with a low fixed monthly payment.

Step 2: Increase "What's Left" Each Month

Use My Spending Report, an online tool, to see your deposits, your spending by category, and What's Left (deposits minus spending) each month.1 Use that information to manage your spending and increase What's Left .

Step 3: Pay Off Your Debt Faster

Apply a little of What's Left to your monthly loan payments and pay down your debt faster. Just a little extra per month can go a long way in accelerating the pay down of your debt!

Take the first step

The Debt Pay Down Solution can help you get out of debt and on the path to being debt-free sooner than you think!
Important information: At this time, Wells Fargo only accepts online applications for a Personal Loan or Line of Credit from customers with an existing Wells Fargo Checking or Savings account that has been opened for one year or more. However, you may apply in person at any Wells Fargo location. Please visit a store near you.
1 My Spending Report tracks activity for eligible Wells Fargo accounts. Other sources of income or expenses from ineligible accounts will not appear in your report.