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Personal Loan Rate and Payment Calculator

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To be eligible for a personal loan, you are required to have an open Wells Fargo account for at least 12 months.

Get an estimate of monthly payments for a personal loan.

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Personal Loan in CA

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About these estimates

InformationAnnual percentage rates (APRs) shown for personal loans are based on your self-reported credit rating, and include a relationship discount of 0.25%.3 Your actual APR may be higher than the rate shown. Loan APRs vary by amount borrowed, term selected, and credit history.
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Maximum loan terms presented are based on loan type, term, and amount you wish to borrow. Available terms may vary beyond what is presented in this tool.

Monthly Payment

The total amount of interest and principal due monthly, based on the amount you entered. Loan payments are fixed based on the original loan amount.

Credit Rating

Also known as a credit score. Many lenders use this numeric calculation of your credit report to obtain a fast, objective measure of your credit risk and consider your credit score, in addition to other factors, when deciding whether or not to approve an application for a loan.


The minimum amount to finance a personal loan with Wells Fargo is $3,000. The amount of money you are eligible to borrow is based upon several factors, including your credit and financial history.

APR (Annual Percentage Rate)

The cost of a loan, including the interest rate and other fees, calculated for a year (annualized) and expressed as a percentage of the amount of the loan.

State of residence

We ask for state of residence because rates for some products may vary based on location.