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Personal Credit Application Checklist

To complete our personal credit account application, gather the following information for each applicant.

Personal contact information

  • Social Security Number
  • Date of birth
  • Mother’s maiden name
  • Email address
  • Home phone number
  • Current address (and mailing address if different from residential address)
  • Previous address (if you’ve lived at current address less than three years)

Employment and income information

  • Occupation
  • Work phone number
  • Employer name
  • Previous employer (if you’ve worked at current job less than three years)
  • Gross monthly income amount and source(s) of income (all sources you want considered for your loan)
  • Monthly mortgage or rent payment amount

Loan information

  • Type of loan or line you are applying for
  • Desired term (if you’re applying for a personal loan)
  • Loan or line amount
  • Preferred payment due date
  • Vehicle information (if applicable)

Additional documents (requested as necessary)

Once your online application is reviewed, we may request additional information from you, such as:

  • Recent pay stubs, W2s, or tax returns
  • Utility bills (to verify address)
  • Copy of driver’s license or Social Security card
  • Copy of purchase order or bill of sale for auto loans (except when refinancing)