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Benefits of Personal Lines and Loans

Need to make a major purchase or prepare for an unexpected expense? A personal loan or line of credit from Wells Fargo can help you get the financial control and flexibility that you’re looking for.

Here are some of the reasons a Wells Fargo Personal Loan or Line of Credit might be right for you:

  • Immediate funding. Potentially access funds on the same day your loan’s approved.
  • Quick decisions. Receive an approval decision generally within two business hours.
  • Competitive rates. Potential for a discount based on your relationship with Wells Fargo.
  • Lower minimum amounts. Lines and loans from $3,000.

So if you need a smaller loan amount and you need it quickly, a personal loan or line of credit may be  an option for you.

Reduce your debt

When you consolidate bills from credit cards or retail store charge cards into a personal loan, you may find it easier and more manageable to reduce your debt.

Rolling all of your bills into a single loan won't immediately reduce your debt, but it may reduce your monthly payments. Having just one bill can make tracking and payments easier. With what you may potentially save on monthly interest payments, you can increase your cash flow or pay down more of the principal balance to see your debt shrink even faster. 

You’re in control

Use the funds in your personal line of credit or loan to buy a car, pay for medical expenses, take a trip, replace your washer and dryer, or simply enjoy the reassurance of having a reliable source of cash for emergencies. You choose how to use the funds.

Estimate your rate and payment

Calculate the difference a Wells Fargo Personal Loan or Line can make for you.

Rate and Payment calculator