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Personal Lines and Loans

Make your great event happen with a special interest rate discount on a Personal Loan

For a limited time and only for qualifying Wells Fargo customers

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Personal Loan

Ready to take control of your finances with a fixed-rate, fixed-term loan that offers predictable monthly payments? Whether you want to consolidate high interest rate debt, finance a major purchase, or pay for unexpected expenses, we can customize a loan just for you.

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Personal Line of Credit

Be prepared for the expected and the unexpected with the flexibility of a line of credit, a reusable source of funds that allows you to borrow what you need (up to your credit limit) when you need it. Funds become available as you pay down your balance, and you pay interest only on what you owe.

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We offer a variety of personal loans and lines of credit to help suit your needs.

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Debt Pay Down Solution®

Wells Fargo's Debt Pay Down Solution offers a simple way to help you pay down your high-interest debt — faster than you thought you could.

Debt Pay Down Solution