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We’ve Updated Our Online Access Agreement

Why are you getting this notice?

When you enrolled in Wells Fargo Online®, Wells Fargo Business Online®, or created access to the online services through Wells Fargo Mobile® or Wells Fargo Advisors®, you reviewed and accepted our Online Access Agreement (OAA), which governs your use of our online and mobile products and services. We have revised the OAA to reflect service changes and to remove outdated information.

Do you need to do anything?

No, you don’t need to take any action. This notice is simply to let you know that certain terms in the OAA have been updated. Your continued use of the Service will be your acceptance to these updated terms. Please review the Online Access Agreement and only continue to use the Service if you agree to all terms.

Which changes may impact or benefit you the most?

We have provided below a summary of the updates that may impact you. For more details, read the full Online Access Agreement.

Summary of Changes to the OAA

  • Removed references to insurance and insurance products throughout the Agreement.
  • Included additional details for an Authorized Representative’s access to Business Eligible Accounts or use of Business Online Financial Services in Section 5.
  • Added details regarding limits on Bill Pay payments when using eligible money market accounts in Section 6(a).
  • Added conditions for terminating Bill Pay access to include other, illegal, fraudulent or unauthorized purposes in Section 6(h).
  • Revised availability of Bank-to-Bank Transfer Service for brokerage accounts with Wells Fargo affiliates in Section 10(a).
  • Added Authorized Signer language in representations and warrants in Section 10(c).
  • Removed reference to Consumer Accounts in title of Section 10(j).
  • Updated language throughout Section 11 regarding Wells Fargo ATM Access Codes, including availability, and removing previous section 11(e) regarding Consent to Receive Text Messages.  Added new terms and conditions and disclosures in new section 11(e) regarding potential liability for unauthorized transactions, Zero Liability Protection, and Bank liability for failure to complete a transfer or withdrawal using an ATM Access Code.  Also updated methods to obtain a receipt.
  • Updated types of Wells Fargo accounts that are eligible for Mobile Deposit Service, to include Brokerage Cash Service accounts, in Section 12(b).
  • Updated content regarding notices to Wells Fargo of errors/unauthorized electronic fund transfers and investigation of such notices in Section 13(c).
  • Updated information within Section 14 to include details about Alerts - types of Alerts, delivery of push notifications, and updated acknowledgment and agreement for Alerts.
  • Included notice that Wells Fargo is not responsible for non-delivery of online statements in the event a valid email address is not maintained in Section 16(a).
  • Updated privacy and use of information description in Section 22(a) to include the disclosure of device details, if available, service providers, identity verification and fraud avoidance purpose, representation regarding ownership of mobile phone number, and appropriate consent to act on behalf of the mobile subscriber.
  • Included additional information pertaining to text messages in Section 26(c).

When do these changes go into effect?

For new and existing online customers, the OAA changes are effective September 30, 2019. Your continued use of Wells Fargo Online, Wells Fargo Business Online, Wells Fargo Mobile, or Wells Fargo Advisors online services, constitutes your agreement to these changes.