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Wells Fargo SurePaySM

Sending and receiving money made easy

Why and when to use Wells Fargo SurePay

Now you can send money to just about anyone with a U.S. bank account without sharing account numbers. Using an email address, you can easily pay the babysitter, split the tab for dinner, or send money to a child at college. You can also receive money using your email address or mobile number.


Use our Wells Fargo SurePay service to pay other people instead of writing a check or making a trip to the ATM.

Depending on where your recipient banks, you may be able to select the Now delivery speed and have your transfer delivered within minutes. Standard delivery is up to 1 calendar day to another Wells Fargo customer, or 2 business days to an account at any other U.S. financial institution.


Send or receive money anytime using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.


Keep account numbers confidential by sending and receiving money using an email address. And send money confidently knowing you’re covered by our Online Security Guarantee.

How it works

To get started using Wells Fargo SurePay, just click Transfer and Pay.

Need more information? Read our frequently asked questions.

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