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How to Send Money With Wells Fargo SurePaySM

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Pay a friend, a coworker, an instructor, a sitter. Now it’s easy to pay just about anyone with your smartphone with Wells Fargo SurePay.

Here’s how it works.

Log into your Wells Fargo app.

Select SurePay from the main menu.

Then select Send Money.

Choose the recipient. You have to set up recipients online first, but it’s super easy and all you need is their email.

Then select From...

…and choose the account you want to use.

Now enter how much you want to send, make sure it all looks good, and tap Send.

You'll get a confirmation for your records when you’re done.

Your recipient gets a notification of the transfer, and the money is usually in their account in one to three business days.

What if a recipient doesn’t register? The money goes back to your account after two weeks.

You can also receive money from people the same way, which is kind of great.

Wells Fargo SurePay. Send and receive money securely with your smartphone. Done.