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Take a Tour: Reconcile Accounts

Quicken® Premier can automatically adjust the account balance to match the balance shown on your account statement(s). You need to accept all downloaded statement transactions for the account(s) before Quicken Premier can automatically adjust your account balance.

To open the Reconcile Online Account dialog screen, choose an account to reconcile from the list of Accounts.

  1. Select Reconcile from the Account Actions dropdown menu (see example below).

  2. Quicken will ask whether you would like to download your latest activity before reconciling your accounts. Select one of the options and click OK.

    In the Reconcile Online Account dialog box select what you will be reconciling to: Paper Statement or Online Balance.

  3. If using Paper Statement, enter statement information then click OK.
  4. If using Online Balance, you can choose to auto reconcile then click OK.

  5. In the Reconcile dialog screen: Select Mark All and then click Finished.
  6. If there is a difference between the Ending Balance and the Cleared Balance, you will get a new dialog screen.

    In the Adjust Balance screen enter the date to reconcile to and click Adjust. An adjustment will be made in the account register to bring your account into balance.