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Control Tower®

One place to manage your financial connections

Turn cards on or off, view recurring payments, and manage account access with Control Tower

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Control Tower provides simple, secure, and centralized access to your Wells Fargo cards and account information, allowing you to easily view, manage, and monitor your digital financial footprint from a single location. Take advantage of features that organize your digital card numbers, accounts, and data — across your devices. 

Turn cards on or off

Turn your Wells Fargo cards on or off easily and securely. For your debit cards, an international transaction control feature lets you restrict usage outside the United States.

You can also view digital wallets and turn digital card numbers stored in your devices on or off. And we’ll let you know if your Control Tower settings ever change.

Previously authorized recurring payments may still be approved or processed even if you turn your card off.

View recurring payments

Control Tower displays a list of merchants you may have had recurring transactions with in the past 12 months. If you lose or replace a card, you can quickly see what merchants you may need to update with your new card information from Control Tower.

Keep in mind, this list is provided for informational purposes only and may not include all of your recurring payments. To help avoid disruptions of service, remember to keep your merchants updated with your latest card and account information.

Monitor data sharing

Select which Wells Fargo accounts and statements you’d like to share with eligible third-party financial services such as Intuit® or XeroTM. Not all third-party services are available for the data sharing feature.