Home-Selling Checklist

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Use this checklist to track your progress as you prepare for your move.

lightbulb icon.If you have a question about a particular step in the process, print the checklist and write your question in the Notes and Reminders space below.

Get ready

__ Go over your finances to prepare for sale-related expenses.

__ Consult with real-estate, tax, and legal professionals for guidance about the sale process.

__ Resolve any known problems with your home before a home inspection uncovers them.

Develop a home-selling plan

__ Evaluate market conditions to make sure you’re selling at a good time.

__ Consider using a REALTOR® to sell your home for you. He or she will help you set a sales price, market your home, and finalize the sale.

Evaluate these areas and repair if necessary:

__ Floors

__ Plumbing

__ Lighting

__ HVAC systems

__ Doors, windows

__ Interior and exterior paint

__ Outdoor drainage systems and roof

__ Driveway, walkways

__ Yard

(Note: If you’re working with a real estate agent, you can skip the “Price Your Home” and “Market Your Home” sections)

Price your home

__ Have your home appraised.

__ Evaluate the market and price accordingly.

Market your home

__ Obtain necessary purchase contract forms; ask attorney to review them.

__ Determine contingencies and other contract terms.

__ Advertise via online listings and “for sale" signs. You may consider print listings as well.

__ Show the house through open houses and walk-throughs.

__ Negotiate an offer; ask attorney to review it.

__ Sign a purchase contract with the buyer.

Close the sale

__ Work with an escrow company or attorney to administer the closing.

__ Deliver the legally required disclosure documents to the buyer, including title.

__ Meet required inspections.

__ Receive loan commitment letter from buyer.

__ Arrange to pay off the existing mortgage(s).

__ Pay all closing fees.

__ Consult a tax advisor to determine tax implications of the sale.

Notes and Reminders