Home Equity Financing Checklist

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Plan to have this information on hand when you apply for your home equity loan.

lightbulb icon.If you have a question about an item, print this checklist and write the question in the Notes and Reminders space below.

Identify/income verification

__ Name, address, and phone number

__ Government-issued photo ID and Social Security number (for joint loans, include co-applicant’s SSN as well)

__ Monthly income (all sources)

__ Pay stub

__ Monthly debt obligations

__ Financial assets

__ Employer name

__ Occupation and length of time in profession

__ Length of time in current position

__ W-2 from current employer, or, if employed with this employer less than two years, from former employer

__ Business phone number

Income verification — self-employed

__ Federal tax returns (personal and business) for the past three years

__ Profit and loss statement — year-to-date

__ List of all business debts

Property information

__ Estimated market value of your home

__Property purchase price and year

__ Estimated mortgage balance and monthly payment, including real estate taxes and homeowners insurance declaration page

Additional documents

Once your application is reviewed, we may request additional information from you. That information could include:

__ Personal and business tax returns

__ Financial documents, such as bank and other asset statements

__ Flood insurance declaration page

Notes and Reminders