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Home Loan Amortization Calculator

Amortization Calculator

Our home loan amortization calculator can show you how long it may take for you to pay off your loan and the principal-and-interest breakdown of your monthly payments. Please note that calculations are based on a fixed-rate, fully-amortizing loan.

Use the slider to select values OR enter the amount, rate and term.
Loan Amount

Loan Term
1 yr
30 yrs

Interest Rate

Remaining Principal Over the Life of the Loan

View additional principal, payment, and interest details in the amortization table below, or by hovering your mouse pointer over each data point shown in the graph.

Amortization Table

Payment Monthly
Interest Paid

What is loan amortization?

Amortization is the elimination of a loan’s principal balance with periodic payments. Simply put, it's the process of paying down a loan over time.

How does amortization work?

If you make a monthly mortgage payment, part of that payment covers interest and part pays down your principal. Generally, during the early years of your loan term, most of your monthly payment goes toward paying interest. In later years, more of your payment goes toward paying down your principal. Talk to a home mortgage consultant for complete details.

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