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Explore What You Can Afford

Explore What You Can Afford

Financial information

Total income, pre-tax, monthly
$ Enter your total monthly or annual income, and use the pulldown to specifiy which.
Total monthly debt, monthly
Enter your total monthly debt
Down payment, percentage

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Total income (pre-tax)

The sum of all the money you receive before taxes, payments, or contributions are deducted. Choose either a monthly or annual amount to complete this step.

Total monthly debt

The sum of your mandatory payment obligations each month, such as credit cards, student loans, car payments, or child support. You don’t need to include living expenses such as your rent, mortgage for a home you’re selling, food, electricity, gas, and water.

Down payment 

The amount you’ll pay upfront to the seller, usually shown as a percentage of the purchase price. The rest of the purchase price is financed with your mortgage.