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Activity Summary

Under Activity Summary, you can review your current approved credit limit and the amount of credit that’s still available. You can also see the amount of credit that’s in use for each segment of your account and the individual segment balances.

Approved credit limit

The maximum amount of money you can borrow on this line of credit. The limit was set at the time of account opening (or through modification) for your line of credit. The credit limit includes the amount already borrowed.

Available credit

The amount of money you may currently borrow by taking an advance from your line of credit. It is calculated by taking your approved credit limit and subtracting the amount of funds you have advanced/borrowed. If your account is restricted, your available credit will be $0.00.

Credit in use 

The amount of money borrowed during your draw period and represents the amounts that are currently owed on all segments of your line of credit.


A segment represents a portion of the balance of your account either in a fixed or variable rate pricing. Also referred to as: FRA (fixed-rate advance), FRO (fixed-rate option), RLO (rate lock option), or variable/promo.