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Disaster Assistance and Property Damage – Significant Damage

For significant damage, Wells Fargo will monitor the repairs to your home

For many situations — including property damage of $10,000 or more, or if a loan is not current — we’ll monitor the progress of repairs to your home.

Endorse the insurance check to Wells Fargo

For property repairs that we monitor, you’ll need to endorse the insurance claim check and send it to us. When you call us or visit one of the websites below, we’ll give you important information on how to sign and send the check to us.

Gather documents to begin the repair process

Once we have reviewed your specific situation, we’ll guide you on gathering information to start the property repairs. This will include collecting the documents found on the document checklist for insurance claims.


Remember to include your mortgage loan number on any information you send us. Keep copies for your files.

Pay the contractors

In most situations, we’ll send the repair checks payable to you and the contractors you hire. This process helps protect you from potential fraud or incomplete repairs. If your loan is current, payments are made in increments during the process:

  • After the initial documentation is received
  • When repairs are 50% complete
  • When repairs are finished and have been inspected