Home Equity Line of Credit

Need flexible monthly payment options and ongoing access to available funds? With variable-rate and fixed-rate advance (FRA) options, our home equity line of credit may be a good option if you’re looking to:
  • Make home improvements
  • Finance major purchases


With a home equity line of credit, you can:
  • Access your variable-rate line of credit for a draw period of 10 years plus one month, paying principal and interest only on the funds you use.2
  • Choose between a variable- and a fixed-interest rate on your home equity line of credit balance.
  • Use your Enhanced Access® Visa® credit card, access checks, Wells Fargo Online® Banking, or your ATM card to access funds.3
  • Make additional principal payments to pay down your line of credit balance at any time without penalty, as long as your account remains open.


  • Interest-rate options: You can decide whether to stay with a variable-interest rate or convert to a fixed-interest rate without refinancing.1,2
  • Payment choice: Select a fixed-rate advance option with payment terms from 1 – 20 years.1
  • Closing cost options: You decide whether we pay your closing costs for a higher interest rate or you pay them for a lower one.
  • Potential tax benefits: Unlike personal loans or credit cards, the interest on your home equity financing may be tax deductible.4
Payments on home equity financing may be lower than you think.
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Wells Fargo customer relationship discount

You may be eligible for a relationship discount of 0.375% with a qualified Wells Fargo deposit account and automatic payments.5


  • If you choose a variable-interest rate your monthly payment may increase or decrease as interest rates fluctuate. You can convert any or all of your outstanding line of credit balance to a fixed-rate advance with a term of 1 to 20 years.1
  • At the end of the fixed-rate advance (FRA) term, any unpaid FRA balance is converted to a line of credit and charged the variable rate in effect on the home equity line of credit at that time.