Your Home Matters (SM)

The key is to start small and to be consistent

Before you know it you'll have a cash cushion and gain the comfort of knowing that you can handle unplanned expenses, like home repairs and medical bills. You'll also find that the money you put aside can help you reach other financial goals faster.

Here are some tips to get you started.

Set realistic goals

By regularly putting aside even a small amount, you can save for special moments.
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Pay yourself first

Direct deposits or automatic transfers can help you do this.
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Keep savings in a separate account

Wells Fargo's My Savings Plan® can get you  started and keep you focused.
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Stick to it

Small amounts add up and sticking with a savings plan is more important than the specific amount you start with.

Track your progress

Set a goal and review your budget monthly to see how your spending is aligning with your goals.

Monitor your spending