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Nonprofit and Community Support

Questions about working with Wells Fargo

Does Wells Fargo participate in community events?

Yes. If you’re planning an event, please email us at least 60 days in advance at Your community outreach consultant will let you know how Wells Fargo may be able to help.

How can nonprofits receive funds from Wells Fargo settlements with the OCC or with individual states or cities?

Settlement funds are distributed by officials in each state. Please contact your state directly for information on how to request funds.

Questions about the homeowner assistance process

Why should counselors use Hope LoanPort® instead of faxing loan packages to Wells Fargo?

Loan packages submitted through Hope LoanPort go directly to a dedicated team of home preservations specialists who are specially trained to work with third party counselors. If you send documents by fax, they go to the broader team of specialists, who work directly with customers and may not be as well equipped to work with you.

Is training available to help counselors learn how to use Hope LoanPort?

Yes. Contact your account manager or community outreach consultant to schedule Hope LoanPort training for your counselors.

How can I determine whether a loan package is complete before I submit it to Wells Fargo?

Please use the loan submission checklist (PDF) to make sure each loan package has all the required documents, and that the information is complete and correct.

Why has Wells Fargo assigned my case to a new Single Point of Contact (SPOC)?

For each customer requesting mortgage assistance, we assign a home preservation specialist to act as a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) throughout the process. However, we may need to assign a new SPOC if a team member leaves the company or transfers to a different department, or if we need to rebalance workloads within our teams in order to stay as efficient and responsive as possible. If a new SPOC is assigned to a case you’re working on, your account manager will help you manage the transition.

What should I do if I’m not getting the help I need from Wells Fargo on a particular case?

Our teams work hard to keep every case moving forward, and to be as responsive as possible to customers and to third parties. However, we know there may be times when the process doesn’t go as smoothly as we’d like. If you’re not getting the help you need from the SPOC assigned to a particular case, please contact your account manager or community outreach consultant. They’ll do everything they can to resolve the issue and get the process back on track.