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Applying for a Mortgage

See how the Wells Fargo process works before you apply

Stay on top of the mortgage process with the right information, great technology — and your Wells Fargo team.
4 steps to a home loan video

Video – 4 steps to a home loan

When you look at it, the mortgage process is really just 4 basic steps.

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The mortgage process — a basic outline

Easily navigate the loan process with the help of your home mortgage consultant and yourLoanTracker℠ to help you manage loan tasks. yourLoanTracker is available for eligible loans; talk to a home mortgage consultant for details.

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Step 1: Complete the application

  • Connect with a home mortgage consultant, who will help you understand and compare your loan options.
  • When you find your house, your home mortgage consultant will help you complete your application.
  • Receive personal email invitation to yourLoanTracker if your loan is eligible. Read and upload loan documents in yourLoanTracker.
  • Review Disclosure Package with Loan Estimate.
  • Provide personal information like residence history and documents like bank statements, pay stubs, W-2s or I-9s. See more documents
  • Get welcome call from home loan processor.

Step 2: Financial and property review

  • Title search and appraisal ordered.
  • Submit any additional documents.
  • Home loan underwriter reviews your information.

Step 3: Preparing to close

  • Contact insurance company for homeowners insurance.
  • We review property title and schedule your closing date.
  • Review final Closing Disclosure.
  • We tell you the amount of money you need to bring to closing.

Step 4: Closing

  • Get Closing Package from closing agent.
  • Review and sign documents.
  • Pay any closing costs with cashier's check.

Managing your account

View your loan balance, make payments, and manage your other Wells Fargo accounts by signing on at yourHomeMattersSM.

 Did you know? 

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