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Finding Your Price Range

Get a clearer picture of what you can borrow

How much can you borrow? How much should you borrow? Get a clearer picture of your options from a home mortgage consultant.
Determining your price range

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What goes into the price range you may consider?

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How much you can borrow

Calculate your home price range in one of three easy ways.

Calculate your home price range

Closing costs and other factors to consider

  • Closing costs. These are costs associated with closing on a home. Some examples: appraisal fees, government taxes, and property taxes.
    Know up front what you could pay
  • Insurance. Mortgage, homeowners, flood see what you may need and how insurance helps homebuyers.
    Types of insurance 
  • Annual percentage rate (APR). The cost to borrow money expressed as a yearly percentage, APR includes your interest rate plus other charges and fees.
    APR and the lender you choose
  • Credit score. Generally, a higher credit score may make it easier to qualify for home financing. But there are options for customers with lower scores.
    Importance of your credit score

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