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Mobile Wallet ATM

Transcript: Using Your Smartphone at the ATM

At Wells Fargo we're always looking for new ways to make banking easier. That's why we're offering the latest in smartphone access at select ATMs. These select ATMs are ones in which you can still use your debit card, but what makes them really special is that you can also use your compatible mobile wallet to make the same fast and convenient ATM transactions. Remember though, in order to take advantage of this new feature, you will need to have a Wells Fargo debit card loaded to your compatible mobile wallet. 
To use a Wells Fargo ATM with your smartphone, first look for the contactless symbol next to the screen, then unlock your smartphone and open up your compatible mobile wallet, as you normally would.  Once that's completed, select your Wells Fargo debit card and then hold your phone near the contactless symbol.  The ATM will then prompt you for your debit card PIN. Enter your PIN into the ATM, and then get cash, deposit checks, or check your balance, just like you normally would. That's it.
So, the next time you use a Wells Fargo ATM, look for the contactless symbol, and give this fast and convenient option a try.