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PayPal Frequently Asked Questions

Using your Wells Fargo cards with PayPal®

Where can I use PayPal?

Look for the PayPal logo when you're shopping online or in apps.

How do I add my Wells Fargo cards to PayPal?

You are able to add your Wells Fargo cards on the Wells Fargo Mobile® app, as well as when you sign on to Wells Fargo Online® from a browser. For specific instructions, go to the Wells Fargo -PayPal page.

Which Wells Fargo cards can be added to PayPal?

Most Wells Fargo consumer and small business debit and consumer credit cards are eligible, including Wells Fargo American Express credit cards.

Can small business cards be added to PayPal?

Small business debit cards are eligible to be added to PayPal. Small business credit cards must be added to PayPal directly through the PayPal website or PayPal app.

Can I add multiple cards to PayPal?

Yes, you can have up to 8 cards linked to your PayPal account at once.

Do I have to already have a PayPal account before I can add my Wells Fargo cards?

No. After selecting eligible Wells Fargo cards, you'll be redirected to PayPal to complete the final set up steps. If you don't have a PayPal account, you'll be prompted to set one up.

How do I set my Wells Fargo card as my preferred card for use with PayPal?

The PayPal support page has instructions on how to set your preferred card.

How do I manage my Wells Fargo cards in my PayPal account?

You can manage and remove cards directly through or the PayPal mobile app.

Can I use PayPal to access my account at a Wells Fargo ATM?

No. You can't access Wells Fargo ATMs using PayPal. You can only use a Wells Fargo Debit Card in Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay, or Google PayTM to access ATMs.


Is PayPal safe and secure for making payments? How does Wells Fargo help protect me against fraud?

The security of your account information is a top priority.

When you pay with PayPal and your Wells Fargo card:

  • All Wells Fargo transactions are monitored by Wells Fargo's 24/7 risk and fraud detection systems.
  • Purchases made with your Wells Fargo card are protected by Zero Liability protection.

Why am I being asked to verify my Wells Fargo card?

For security reasons, we may need you to provide additional verification to add your eligible Wells Fargo card to PayPal.

What if my Wells Fargo card is lost or stolen?

Immediately call Wells Fargo to report your card lost or stolen. You'll also need to verify and update your card information in your PayPal account to continue using it.

For lost or stolen debit cards, call:

  • Personal Accounts 1-800-869-3557
  • Business Account 1-800-225-5935

For lost or stolen credit cards, call:

  • Personal Accounts 1-800-642-4720
  • Business Account 1-800-225-5935


Does Wells Fargo charge a fee for using PayPal?

No. Wells Fargo does not charge a fee for customers to use PayPal. However, fees from PayPal may apply.

Where can I find more information about PayPal?

To learn more about PayPal, go to