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Wells Fargo Wallet

Transcript: Using Wells Fargo Mobile Wallet

At Wells Fargo we're always looking for new ways to provide you with easy, convenient, and secure payment options. That’s why we added the Wells Fargo Wallet to our mobile banking app. This android-specific mobile wallet is our next step in giving you a convenient, and secure way to pay, whenever and however you want which is why we wanted to share how you can start using your phone to tap and pay.

Now, if you have the Wells Fargo Mobile App installed on your android smartphone, you already have the Wells Fargo Wallet. From there, the next step is registering for the Wells Fargo Wallet. To do that, tap the Wells Fargo Wallet icon in the Wells Fargo mobile app and log in using your online banking username and password. When you’re logged in, follow the simple registration process, then review and agree to the terms of use. Afterwards, you will be asked to create your wallet access code. Once completed, all of your eligible Wells Fargo debit, prepaid, or credit cards will automatically populate, and you can select your preferred card with a simple tap.

For added security, it’s important to know that your actual card number is NEVER stored on your phone. Instead, we create a digital card number for use with your Wells Fargo Wallet as a way to further protect your transactions.

When that’s complete, you’re all set to begin using the Wells Fargo Wallet at the millions of merchants already accepting mobile payments. Simply look for the contactless symbol at the payment terminal. If it’s there, then the merchant accepts it. And using it is just as easy as registering.

To make a purchase, unlock your phone and hold it near the contactless symbol located on the participating merchant’s card reader. From that point, the wallet will send the digital card number it created to the merchant, again for added security, and the payment will be completed. Follow these steps and you too will be tapping and paying with confidence.

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