Now you can send money to practically anyone, at any U.S. bank, with Wells Fargo SurePay. It’s easy to pay the babysitter, reimburse your friend for dinner, or send money to a child at college. All you need is your recipient’s email address. 

It’s fast, too. Transfers to another Wells Fargo customer take up to 1 calendar day. Transfers to accounts at other U.S. banks usually take up to 2 business days.

Simply visit the Transfers tab on or select Transfer and Pay from our mobile banking menu, and select WF SurePay to start. 

How it works

One. Initiate Transfer. Two. Recipient notified. Three. Recipient registers. Four. Money deposited.

Receive money with SurePay, too
When someone sends you money with SurePay, you’ll receive a message from Wells Fargo to walk you through the receive process.

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