Set monthly budget goals and track every purchase and payment you make with your Wells Fargo Credit Cards, Debit Cards, checks, and Bill Pay using My Spending Report with Budget Watch, Wells Fargo's free online money management tool.

You do the spending, we do the math

My Spendng Report Money Out Watch where your money goes

Every dollar you spend is sorted into familiar categories automatically — no receipts to save, no spending to key in.

My Spending Report Money in Flow

Track your income and deposits

My Spending Report with Budget Watch also tracks your deposits, giving you a complete overview of your finances in one convenient spot.

Create a budget in minutes

My Spending Report Spending View Set budget goals for key spending categories

Create monthly spending goals using the Budget Watch feature — it's easy with your actual spending history on hand to guide you.

My Spending Report Budget Summary See "What's Left" each month

We update your Budget Summary each business day, so you always know how close you are to meeting your budget goals. Use What's Left to pay down debt, build your savings, and more.

Tools to help you meet your budget goal

My Spending Report Spending Alerts Set up email alerts

Periodic budget alerts keep you informed about your progress toward meeting your budget goals.

View graphs and charts

Gain added insight into your spending with a snapshot view of your budget goals, averages over time, and more.

What you need to get started

To take control of your finances using My Spending Report with Budget Watch, please open a Wells Fargo checking account or apply for a Wells Fargo credit card.

If you already have an account and are enrolled in Wells Fargo Online® , simply sign on to your Account Summary and click the My Money Map tab to get started.