If you have an HSA-qualified health plan or plan to enroll in one, a Wells Fargo HSA is the perfect complement. This account gives you an easy way to save and pay for qualified healthcare expenses, without paying taxes on that money.

And, unlike a flexible spending account (FSA), you own your HSA. The money carries over from year to year, and the account goes where you go — even if you change jobs, switch health plans, or retire. That means you can save money in your HSA so it's there when you need it — now, or 30 years from now.

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Plan for any age or stage

Whether you're at the doctor often or haven't been in years, an HSA can be a great tool. Use it to pay for healthcare expenses today, build a safety net for future expenses, or save for healthcare expenses in retirement.

Take advantage of this tax-free account

You don't pay taxes on the money you save, spend, or earn in your HSA. So, for every $100 you put in your HSA, you can save up to $30 in taxes and have more money for current or future healthcare expenses.

Complement your retirement strategy

Did you know the average retired couple today will need about $250,000 for healthcare? Prepare for those expenses by investing the money in your HSA. You don't pay taxes on the interest or investment income you earn, helping you save even more.

Balance your business budget

If you're self-employed or a small business owner and pay for your health insurance, an HSA can help you free up more money to run your business with lower premiums and tax savings.

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