Here's how to qualify for your $200 bonus:

  1. Open an Everyday Checking account online (from this webpage only) by March 22, 2018.
  2. Make a minimum opening deposit of $25 to fund your account.
  3. Set up Direct Deposit and receive at least 3 consecutive monthly direct deposits of $500 each into your new account within 150 days.

Your $200 bonus will be deposited into your new Everyday Checking account within 45 days after eligibility and qualifications have been met.

This is an exclusive, online only offer and not valid for branch or phone account opens.

How to avoid the monthly service fee

Open an Everyday Checking account

Our Everyday Checking account comes with innovative features:

  • Debit Card On or Off. Misplaced your debit card? Pause it, then turn it back on when you find it using the Wells Fargo Mobile® App.
  • Card-Free ATM access. Easily and securely access your Wells Fargo account at an ATM by requesting a one-time access code with your Wells Fargo Mobile App.
  • Overdraft RewindSM If you accidentally spend more than you have in your checking account with direct deposit, we won't charge you an overdraft fee if your direct deposit occurs the next day and replaces the amount you are overdrawn.