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What We Do

About Wells Fargo Investment Institute

Education, guidance and insights to inform investment decisions.

Strength in Numbers



Guidance and advice on assets under advisement* (as of 4/14/20)



Articles and reports published each month



Made up of industry leading investment strategists and analysts

Informing Investments

We provide in-depth analysis on equities, fixed income, real assets and alternative investments while advising on risk to portfolios. Our insights serve to:

  • Help you understand investing principles
  • Share commentary focused on investor’s needs
  • Provide innovative, actionable investment strategies

Engaging Publications

We deliver insights through commentary allowing strategists to offer their views on current market and economic conditions as well as helping build financial acumen. For example:

  • Timely, actionable insights for investors
  • In-depth market analysis
  • Worldwide market event commentary

Focused Expertise

The Wells Fargo Investment Institute provides investment advice and insights our financial professionals use to help clients succeed financially including:

  • Investment strategy
  • Asset allocation
  • Manager review
  • Options strategies
  • Alternative investments

Global areas of Expertise

The Global Investment Strategy team helps investors understand what’s happening now and prepare for what may be on the horizon. Asset allocation strategies assist with building and maintaining an investment portfolio.

What We Do

  • Anticipate macro investment themes

  • Formulate long-term capital market assumptions

  • Build and maintain strategic asset allocations

  • Recommend tactical and cyclical asset allocations

  • Set global price and earnings targets

Focus Areas

  • Asset allocation

  • Equities

  • Fixed income

  • Real assets

  • Alternative assets

  • Thematic research 


The Global Manager Research team provides in-depth research on investment products that can help financial professionals build investment strategies designed to achieve clients’ financial goals.

What We Do

  • Focus on finding optimal investment solutions
  • Provide global perspectives through offices located in Europe and North America
  • Utilize proprietary investment research technology
  • Provide ongoing manager due diligence oversight through conference calls, on-site visits, and performance reviews

Focus Areas 

  • Mutual funds
  • Exchange-traded products (ETPs)
  • Separately managed accounts
  • Offshore funds
  • Private placements
  • Closed end funds (CEFs)
  • Collective investment trusts (CITs)
  • Money market funds
  • Unit Investment Trusts (UITs)

Using the guidance of the Global Alternative Investments’ analysts and strategists can help investment professionals use alternative investment strategies to potentially improve a portfolio’s risk and return characteristics.

What We Do

  • Identify complementary alternative investment solutions and options strategies
  • Offer a full suite of solutions including private equity, private debt, hedge funds, direct private investments, and options strategies
  • Perform thematic strategy analysis based on market environment
  • Seek to deliver the most compelling investment managers and investment solutions
  • Utilize investment structures that allow for improved diversification opportunities

Focus Areas

  • Private equity
  • Private debt
  • Hedge fund strategies
  • Private real estate
  • Option strategies

The Global Portfolio Management team combines our asset allocation guidance and investment research recommendations to provide our financial professionals with portfolio strategies that can meet their clients’ investment objectives.

What We Do

  • Provide asset allocation to achieve appropriate asset class and market exposures
  • Adhere to a sophisticated discipline to seek investment opportunities and mitigate risk
  • Provide a investment framework to enhance returns
  • Select and blend complementary mutual funds, separately managed accounts, exchange-traded funds, securities, and alternative investment strategies into diversified, objective, and risk-based portfolios

Focus Areas

  • Investment advice to advisors using Global Investment Strategy and Global Manager Research recommendations

*Assets under advisement represents total Wealth Investment Management (WIM) client assets held in WIM businesses including Wells Fargo Advisors, Private Wealth Management, and Abbot Downing. WFII provides asset allocation advice to the WIM businesses. Assets include deposits and Wells Fargo Fund holdings.

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