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Vision Investing

Values, Impact, and ESG

Once a niche corner of the investing landscape, the idea of aligning personal values with investment portfolios has gone mainstream. Increasing demand has been met with a broad range of solutions focused on everything from environmental sustainability to religious beliefs.

Investing that aligns financial objectives with personal values or creates measurable impact has often been called responsible or sustainable investing. Another trend gaining prominence is the incorporation of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into the investment process.

Wells Fargo calls the intersection of values-alignment, investing with impact, and ESG integration with traditional investment considerations: Vision Investing: Values, Impact, and ESG.

Do your investments reflect your values?

Wells Fargo Investment Institute's Vision Investing report gives a closer look at how certain investing strategies may help you confidently integrate your beliefs into your portfolio without sacrificing performance.

Vision Investing: Values Alignment

Vision Investing: Values Alignment (video) ❯

Vision Investing can incorporate investors' beliefs on environmental sustainability, or social issues, such as, diversity, religious beliefs, and human rights into their investment strategy.

Investing with impact through active ownership (PDF)

Global demand for responsible investing has expanded rapidly over the past decade resulting in the development of new techniques and more widespread consideration of environmental, social, and governance factors in the investment process.