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Making sense of today’s markets

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When the markets fluctuate, even the calmest investors may question their strategies. But much like the ocean, it’s natural for financial markets to move up and down. So while the waves directly in front of you (the current financial market) may look turbulent, the water near the horizon line (your long-term investment goals) appears to be on an even keel. To help weather these economically turbulent times, here are some tips to consider.

Match your investments to your timeline. If you need some of your money fairly soon, consider keeping your money in cash holdings and short-term bonds. However, for a long-term investment strategy (greater than five years), a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds may be more appropriate.

Know what to expect. Some investors lose confidence because they don’t fully understand how their investments work. Educating yourself about your investments can help ensure that your strategy is in line with your tolerance for risk.

Tune out the noise. The constant reports from the 24/7 news media can be confusing and most investors don’t need to react to everyday changes. A diversified portfolio can help weather the market fluctuations. 

For more guidance on what recent market events might mean for you, explore these daily updates from our investment strategists.

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