Investing for a Longer Life

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People are living longer and more active lives, prompting many to rethink traditional views about retirement. Traditionally, retirement was considered an opportunity to do the things we can’t do when working a full-time job. But, for those with limited financial assets, retirement may seem like an unattainable goal, creating a great deal of anxiety. At the same time, we’re having fewer children, and the population is aging. These demographic shifts could have implications:

  • If You’re Currently Working. Fewer workers supporting a burgeoning retiree population will likely impact programs like Social Security and Medicare you may be counting on in your retirement.
  • If You’re in Retirement. Living longer may require rethinking your investment strategy to help reduce the risk of outliving your assets.
  • If You’re Seeking Investment Opportunities. The full impact of these shifts may not be felt for years, but you might want to think today about positioning your portfolio now to take advantage of these trends.
If you’re concerned about the potential effects of living longer on your ability to live a better retirement, download our report today.